SMITH, Fiona: Fondue

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Fiona Smith brings together fabulous fondue recipes from ski resorts around the world, especially the classics from the Alps. Cheese Fondues include the archetypal Fondue Neuchatel, based on local cheeses and local wines. There are others, too, such as Roasted Tomato Fondue and the Italian version, Fonduta. Oil Fondues include the classic Fondue Bourguignonne, plus Fiona's own delicious modern choices. Stock Fondues cook the food in scented broth--try Fish and Seafood in Saffron and Tomato Broth, and Beef with Horseradish in Red Wine and Juniper Stock. Fiona has also created some up-to-the-minute, stylish Modern Fondues, such as Blue Cheese Fondue with Walnut Grissini. And don't forget Sweet Fondues--there's Chocolate with Orange and Chile, or White Chocolate Fondue with Lemon and Gin. *Retro food with a modern twist. *Delicious recipes to shre with family and friends. *More than 92,000 copies sold.

Autor SMITH, Fiona
Ilustrátor Obrazové přílohy
Rok vydání 2002
Nakladatel Ryland Peters and Small, Inc.
Počet stran 64
Formát A5+
Vazba Originální pevná vazba s přebalem
STAV !!! 1 - výborná

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